IRIS Monitoring

At IRIS Monitoring we combine photonics and ICTs to develop NIR analysers and other solutions that allow our clients to improve their quality control systems and optimise the production process. With more than +60 staff and offices in Barcelona. Know more. 

Portable NIR analysers for raw material inspection or at-line quality control.
Inline and Inpipe analysers, fully integrated and customised.
Hyperspectral Imaging solutions for foreign bodies detection.


VISUM Ltd. develops from Dublin tailor-made devices to measure quality parameters using optical sensors in the invisible near-infrared ranges: NIR Spectroscopy. Know more. 

Optical engineering for creating a new generation of NIR analysers.
Tailor-made solutions and integrations.

IRIS Innovation

Innovation division with extensive experience in public and private R&D projects supporting industries and primary sectors in their transition towards industry 4.0 including digitisation and circular economy. Know more.

Circular BioEconomy.


Tailor-made software solutions for Industry; from cloud applications development, to advance data mining services. 

Software, connectivity and data management.
Transform your process data into valuable insights.
Digitise the way you work.


Enterprise Smartworking software for productive, flexible and collaborative workplaces. SAPENTA is a fast-growing start-up company with offices in Barcelona. Know more. 

Project and task management, connected and integrated.
Time, leaves and resource planning.
Back office (travel, purchases and expenses).
Communications suite and reporting tool.