Application Notes



VISUM PALM: Routine quality control of edible oils

15 | March | 2017
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.16.38

VISUM PALM: Flour particle size determination

07 | April | 2016
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.10.55

Fighting food fraud with VISUM PALM: cocoa comes clean

07 | April | 2016

VISUM NIR: How to avoid tomorrow’s horse meat scandals

02 | March | 2016

HYPERA: Detection of foreign bodies in pizza

02 | March | 2016

HYPERA: Detection of peach worms in peach pieces

02 | March | 2016

HYPERA: Detection of bones in chicken breast slices

02 | March | 2016

VISUM NIR: Monitoring of meat and salami quality parameters: moisture, fat and proteins

01 | March | 2016


Processing, Valorization and Application of Bio-Waste Derived Compounds from Potato, Tomato, Olive and Cereals: A Review by Caroline Fritsch, Andreas Staebler, Anton Happel, Miguel Angel Cubero Márquez, Ingrid Aguiló-Aguayo, Maribel Abadias, Miriam Gallur, Ilaria Maria Cigognini, Angela Montanari, Maria Jose López, Francisca Suárez-Estrella, Nigel Brunton, Elisa Luengo, Laura Sisti, Maura Ferri and Gianluca Belotti

05 | September | 2017

Light based technologies for microbial inactivation of liquids, bead surfaces and powdered infant formula by Cristina Arroyo , Anna Dorozko, Edurne Gastón Estanga, Michael O’Sullivan, Paul Whyte, James G. Lyng

15 | June | 2017

Review on the Processing and Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites and Nanocoatings and Their Applications in the Packaging, Automotive and Solar Energy Fields by Kerstin Müller, Elodie Bugnicourt, Marcos Latorre, Maria Jorda, Yolanda Echegoyen Sanz, José M. Lagaron, Oliver Miesbauer, Alvise Bianchin, Steve Hankin, Uwe Bölz, Germán Pérez, Marius Jesdinszki, Martina Lindner, Zuzana Scheuerer, Sara Castelló and Markus Schmid

20 | April | 2017

Chemically activated carbon from lignocellulosic wastes for heavy metal wastewater remediation: Effect of activation conditions by Arunima Nayak, Brij Bhushan, Vartika Gupta and P. Sharma

20 | January | 2017

Development of a green and sustainable clean up system from grape pomace for heavy metal remediation by A. Nayak, Brij Bhushan, V. Gupta y L. Rodriguez-Turienzo

23 | November | 2016

Safe food and feed through an integrated toolbox for mycotoxin management: the MyToolBox approach by R. Krska, M. de NijsRelated, O. McNerney, M. Pichler, J. Gilbert, S. Edwards, M. Suman, N. Magan, V. Rossi, H.J. van der Fels-Klerx, F. Bagi, B. Poschmaier, M. Sulyok, F. Berthiller, H.P. van Egmond

02 | November | 2016

Recent Prospects in the Inline Monitoring of Nanocomposites and Nanocoatings by Optical Technologies by Elodie Bugnicourt, Timothy Kehoe, Marcos Latorre, Cristina Serrano, Séverine Philippe and Markus Schmid

19 | August | 2016

Recyclability of PET/WPI/PE Multilayer Films by Removal of Whey Protein Isolate-Based Coatings with Enzymatic Detergents, by Patrizia Cinelli, Markus Schmid, Elodie Bugnicourt , Maria Beatrice Coltelli and Andrea Lazzeri

15 | June | 2016

Simulation and experimental validation of the denaturation of a whey protein-based coating during convection and/or infrared drying on a plastic film and influence on its oxygen barrier properties, by E. Bugnicourt, M. Schmid, D. Kainz, P.Lafortune, L. Rodriguez-Turienzo & P. Cinelli

10 | May | 2016

State of the Art in the Development and Properties of Protein-Based Films and Coatings and Their Applicability to Cellulose Based Products: An Extensive Review, by Maria-Beatrice Coltelli, Florian Wild, Elodie Bugnicourt, Patrizia Cinelli, Martina Lindner, Andreas Staebler, Markus Schmid, Verena Weckel, Laura Rodríguez-Turienzo,Andrea Lazzeri, Kerstin Müller

02 | March | 2016