OPENMIND Project Assembly and Review Meeting


David Nettleton of IRIS Advanced Engineering recently participated in the Mid-Term General Assembly and Project Review meetings of the OPENMIND project in Brussels on the 10-11th of July. The aim of the OPENMIND project is to build a demonstrator for the mass production of customised medical devices, solving a number of challenges presented using the Industry 4.0 concept framework.


The OPENMIND project aims to tackle current challenges of customised mass production by:

  • Integrating production processes which are currently executed separately, namely: pultrusion, laser ablation, pull-winding and coating.
  • Collaboration between partners who represent all stages of a product life cycle from its initial design, production and finally its commercialization in the medical device market.
  • Specific case study of a minimally invasive device (guidewire)
  • Building a production control, calibration and quality control system which includes a machine learning back-end to model and calibrate the physical processes.

During the three-year project, IRIS is participating in the development of data models which create a “digital twin” or “doppelgänger” of the physical processes, using advanced machine learning and statistical techniques. For a given guide wire specification received from a medical practitioner, the best machine control parameters will be automatically found and assigned by an automatic calibration process. This saves considerable time and solves several of the key bottlenecks in mass production of customised products.


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Carlota Feliu
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