‘Technological Update for the Food Sector’ workshop at Acció & Food N’ Nutrition Cluster


On 30th October a workshop of ‘Technological Update for the Food Sector’ was held at ACCIÓ’s headquarters in Barcelona in collaboration with Food N’ Nutrition Cluster.

IRIS pitched its vision of Industry 4.0 and how Spectroscopy IR technology allows food industries to improve their quality control and standardise their production processes using photonics-based quality inspection devices and systems.

We showed the attendees how with an affordable and portable Infrared Spectroscopy device for on-site use, can verify the quality grade and authenticity of raw material and measure the fat, protein or moisture content to prevent waste along the value chain.

We made a very impressive demo with a coke bottle (so a dark liquid that is virtually impossible to see through with the human eye or with conventional imaging systems) contaminated with a fly (so a dark object that offers virtually no contrast with the black coke). But with our proprietary imaging technology, we can easily identify the fly (so foreign bodies) in highly opaque liquids.

We hope all the attendees enjoyed the event such as us developing our technology.