Stakeholder Workshop: ‘Sustainable Process Industry Strategy Towards 2050’


The Stakeholder Workshop: ‘Sustainable Process Industry Strategy Towards 2050’ was held on 2nd October 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. This workshop was the premise for the launch of the SPIRE 2050 Vision document and to provide SPIRE stakeholder with the opportunity to review and validate the vision document.

They had the opportunity to interview key stakeholders from the European Commission,  industry, SMEs and Regions/Member States. Among them, Georgios Chalkias, Project and Innovation Manager at IRIS, had de chance to explain the vision and mission we have at IRIS.

As a solution provider in direct contact with end-users, we can better understand the needs and requirements of the industry point of view to offer turn-key digital solutions and open new market opportunities.

As Georgios said, ‘We are developing the near future’.


You can have a look at the whole video on the following link.