Sharebox at Booth28 in the ‘Industrial Symbiosis in Europe’ side-event


IRIS Group had the pleasure of being the organizer of the H2020 side-event Booth28 in the ‘Industrial Symbiosis in Europe’ that was held in the World Resources Forum 2019 in Antwerp during 25th and 26th February.

Among the 9EU-funded projects that were participating, presenting their solutions and real case-studies of IS, Georgios Chalkias, Project and Innovation Manager at IRIS, and Edurne Suárez were representing SHAREBOX, our online platform for secure info-sharing, opportunity identification and synergy management.

The event hosted live demonstrations of different Industrial Symbiosis IT tools and platforms for the attendees so they could see first-hand how they work and the benefits for the industries with their implementation.

The main purpose of this event is chasing the collaboration between industries to reduce environmental and societal impacts, the harmonization of technologies, processes and policies, the civil society engagement to a circular economy at EU level, keeping valuable information from waste resources to create new business models throughout value chain actors collaboration.

We would like to thank all the attendees for the great interest raised in Sharebox and especially to Àngels Orduña from A.SPIRE for chairing the event.

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