IRIS at SECPHO’s ‘New Technologies for Agro-Food Sector’ Workshop


From 16th to 17th May, SECPHO held a new Workshop where the applications of light technologies in the agro-food sector were the main characters: ‘New Technologies for Agriculture & Food Industry’.

The European Commission has declared Photonics as one of the essential technologies to promote the development of several market areas.

The continuous improvements in this field have allowed the development of hyperspectral imaging sensors (HSI) that improve real-time key quality parameters inspection in the production line.

This workshop was held into the H2020 funded European projects EPRISE and FOODPACKLAB to promote synergies between the different professionals from the fields of sustainable agriculture, animal and vegetable production, organic waste management, food security and circular economy.

As experts in delivering numerous R&D projects in the areas of PAT, Photonics, IoT and ICTs, IRIS Technology couldn’t miss this appointment.

Alejandro Rosales, Science and Technology Manager, gave a conference to the experts’ panel about industries’ immersion in Industry 4.0 thanks to the inclusion of photonic technologies into their processes.

He explained that the main purpose of Industry 4.0 is about converting process data into economic value. The integration of PAT (Process Analytical Technologies) in the chain process will unveil hidden relevant information from the data via ICT resources founded in Artificial Intelligence in order to build Decision Support Systems that are free from cognitive bias and prejudice.

PAT is formed by IR Spectroscopy with Machine Learning. Over the years we have acquired the expertise to own design and develop NIR and HSI devices for digitalising industrial processes throughout real-time monitoring of quality parameters.

It’s always a great pleasure for us, being part of these workshops and having the opportunity to share our vision of Digital Transformation with the other experts in order to create new synergies and business collaboration opportunities.

Alejandro Rosales, Science & Technology Manager at IRIS