NIR and HSI solutions for quality inspection in meat industry


Past 17th May, INNOVACC Cluster held a Technical Seminar in Vic, ‘Industry 4.0, Automatisation and Robotisation in the meat sector’ addressed to Production, Maintenance, R+D and Engineering departments from meat industries.

Joan Puig, Deputy Director, gave a conference about the use of NIR Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) technologies in the meat sector and the benefits they can provide to the company. With their use, manufacturers will improve their quality inspection and standardise their product by getting real-time and non-destructive analysis in the production line.

The market is constantly changing. Consumers are more demanding in product quality matter. That’s the reason why manufacturers need to be more accurate in their production processes. The quality of the product depends not only on the recipe they have used for years and an optimised process but also on changing circumstances wherever they happen. For this, it’s so important to keep steady all the key quality parameters of the product and the better way to do it, it’s digitalising their processes using Photonics-based technology as VISUM NIR and VISUM Hypera.

Thanks to all the attendees for their interest in our own designed and developed turn-key solutions. We hope we have opened the path to new ways of collaboration with meat manufacturers.


Joan Puig, Deputy Director, at Espai Sucre, Vic. INNOVACC Seminar


VISUM Hypera