‘PAT, main actor for the Pharma sector’ discussion at ISPE Pharma 4.0 meeting


The past 2nd July ISPE Spain held in Barcelona the first meeting of the working group of ISPE Pharma 4.0 at the headquarters of IQS (Sala Blava. IQS. 390, Via Augusta).

ISPE Spain was created with the aim of meeting people from the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors whose work is focused on Industry 4.0 and the implementation of PAT (Process Analytical Technologies) in the laboratory.

It also helps to create a high-level training program in the pharmaceutical industry based on courses, seminars, meetings and visits to plants throughout a solid communication path between professionals of the industry that will generate new synergies both national and international.

The program of the meeting was opened by Beatriz Artalejo, Pharmaceutical Scientific Officer and Technical Director at IQS and followed by a presentation on ISPE Spain and the lines of work of ISPE’s Pharma 4.0, given by Alicia Tébar, QbD PS at ISPE Spain.

After that, started some conferences of companies involved in projects based on Industry 4.0 where Alejandro Rosales, Science and Technology Manager, represented IRIS Technology Solutions as a company specialised in providing PAT solutions for Industry, with his conference ‘Process Analytical Technologies: Main actor for Pharma 4.0’