Application of power ultrasound in the food processing industry


Food processing is constantly evolving due to different challenges and changes in the preferences and needs of consumers. These changes respond to the need to produce healthy, sustainable, safe, additive-free and better-quality food. In reaction to this demand, the intensification of food processes has emerged and has become an area of growing interest within the food industry, in which power ultrasound is considered an emerging and promising technology with all the advantages that it offers, such as effective mixing, increment of mass transfer, reduction of energy consumption and product temperature, and increment of yield.

IRIS Technology Solutions is advancing the knowledge towards non-thermal and minimal processing ultrasound-assisted processes through 3 key challenging and innovative Horizon2020 projects: SHEALTHY, AGRIMAX and PROLIFIC.

In SHEALTHY project, IRIS will develop, combine and assess the application of power ultrasound together with photodynamic technologies like High Intensity Pulsed Light (HIPL) and Blue Light to carry out, on one hand, the decontamination and sanitization of F&V products, and on the other hand, the stabilization of fruit-based smoothies and juices.

In the frame of AGRIMAX project, IRIS is in charge of the effective and optimized extraction of valuable antioxidants as polyphenols from potato peel, olive pomace and olive leaves by using water as the solvent, and intensifying the process by the application of power ultrasound.

In PROLIFIC, IRIS applies power ultrasound to improve the protein extraction efficiency in the case of recalcitrant substrates such as coffee and fungi residues.

You can have a look at the full article in the following link , throughout which Edurne Suarez, Óscar Rodríguez and Simona Neri, presents the overview of their work performed in the 3 projects. 

It has been published in Food Hub Magazine, issue 08/2019.