IRIS Technology’s attendance to 5G Satcom Seminar


TNO, the partner of 5Groningen, has organized the 5G Satcom Seminar in The Hague (The Netherlands) from 30th September to 1st October 2019. The seminar was supported by 5Groningen.

Its purpose is to meet the relevant stakeholders to discuss how having a fast and efficient mobile service where standard networks are not available through the 5G network via a satellite. 

The seminar paid attention to, among other things, the 5G Pilot Autonomous Sailing at 5Groningen and the application trials of 5Groningen in collaboration with the ESA.

The power of 5G Satcom integration is enormous. It would allow seamless mobility for devices between satellite access and terrestrial networks. This potential would address many industrial and societal problems by providing global coverage of ultra high speed, ultra-reliable and ultra low latency communication.

TNO hosted the seminar where 5G network operators and vendors, terrestrial and satellite networks and future market parties are brought together to develop a common vision on satellite integrated 5G networks. 

Matteo Grandi, IT Project and Innovation Manager at IRIS Technology Group, attended this seminar that enables the formation of this new ecosystem by sharing knowledge, future challenges and making new connections.

Honoured of being part of the future of the 5G network development.