Dissemination day in Sunne on the 26th September of PulpAcktion


On September 26th a part of the PULPACKTION team gathered at Rottneros Packaging in Sunne for a get-together and review of the project status.

The project aims to develop a cellulose-based packaging solution able to compete with current fossil-based packaging systems.

PULPACKTION will develop fully bio-based packaging materials with a high percentage of cellulose for food and electronic market applications. The package solution will help reduce the waste streams by substituting plastics with an eco-friendly bio-based solution.


”We think this is a very powerful project with a good future. We are experts in printing, so we think they made a good decision of including us in the project”


says Jordi Limiñana, manager at Limitronic, a high-resolution printer manufacturer. 


Follow the LINK to read the conclusions of this meeting.