Attendance to ‘IoT World Congress’


The last IoT World Congress edition was held in Barcelona from 29th-31st October 2019, a unique event dedicated exclusively to joining IoT providers with industry in order to help the latter increase productivity via this disruptive technology. This Congress has grown to become the global reference and largest event for industrial IoT, where industry stakeholders meet annually to establish new partnerships.

In parallel, it was held the IoT Brokerage Event, a place where more than 300 participants from 35 countries have the chance to find the right contacts to build new cross-border international business and technology partnerships in 20-minute pre-scheduled B2B meetings.

During these three days the hottest IoT, AI and Blockchain topics related to the industries of Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Connected Transport, Healthcare, Buildings & Infrastructure, Open Industry, Enabling IoT and 5G & Mobility, have been discussed by experts, key players and technology solution providers from the industry, presenting use cases on these key topics and showing how solutions are impacting the present and future of industries.

Our Project Managers, Ignacio Montero, an expert in Process Systems Engineering and Industrial Digitization, and Matteo Grandi, an expert in Communication Technologies, Networking Architectures and Paradigms, and Wireless Communication System, attended to both Events to create new synergies with other participants.

Several IRIS Technology developments are currently exploring new applications for the Internet Of Things paradigm in diverse sectors such as smart agriculture or cultural heritage preservation. In the framework of Neurice and Nemosine H2020 projects, IRIS is currently developing end-to-end solutions for integrating commercial and innovative sensors, transferring the generated data in complex environments using LoRa and BLE, and establishing digital platforms with embedded models for showing the main results and support users in decision-making processes.

Furthermore, our wireless connectivity capabilities are currently being extended to support our own monitoring devices and sensors for industry. Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the 5G connectivity, IRIS is working on advanced monitoring applications built upon 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) to enhance the performance and scalability of current industrial monitoring solutions by meeting the requirements in terms of mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliability and low-latency (URLL).