IRIS Group, benchmark in Industry 4.0 at the seminar ‘R&D and Business’ held in Dublin


Last 1st March, the Conway Institute held the seminar ‘R+D and Enterprise. Models of development and current topics’ organized by SRSI and its supporting organisations (Naturgy, Fundacion Ramon Areces, Embajada Española and University College Dublin).

Timothy Kehoe, David Kelly and Felipe Francisco Franco represented IRIS Group in this seminar where they exposed our vision of Industry 4.0 as the ‘Intelligence to drive competitiveness’ and the role of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) on it.

As an advanced engineering company with a multidisciplinary team with expert engineers and scientists, we are constantly applying our knowledge to design and develop NIR Spectroscopy based devices founded on the PAT principle.

It’s about controlling a process based on the aim of the process, as opposed to supervising and maintaining the assumed optimal conditions based on traditional recipes. To this purpose, using VISUM NIR industries can have available and reliable data in real-time not only on the external conditions of the process but also about what is going on in the process itself.

IR Spectroscopy in combination with Machine Learning to unveil hidden information from data via ICT resources founded in AI to build strong Decision Support Systems are the main structure of PAT and its implementation requires specialised engineering as IRIS Group to successfully integrate it.


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