Quality Policy

In IRIS we are focused on Quality as the key for our CORE BUSINESS development and continuous improvement in relation to the Management and Implementation of Research, Development and Innovation projects and services.

The Management System organizes our knowledge allowing continuous improvement in IRIS, as well utilizing our Know-How to obtain a competitive advantage.

  • NOVEL PROJECTS AND ADDED VALUE: Executing projects that involve unique challenges and a high level of innovation.
  • COMPETITIVENESS: The competitiveness of our Company is based on our ability to create added value for our clients and in our projects through a process of continuous improvement.
  • COMMITMENT to Our Clients and projects
  • FLEXIBILITY: Use of our process flexibility to control and improve our internal Efficiency Processes, identifying mistakes or deficiencies, in order to continuously improve.
  • Internationalization of our activity and management system.
  • Sustained growth in Clients and Projects
  • To improve the efficiency of our Project implementation process.
  • Maintain control and monitoring for compliance with applicable regulations and other requirements to which the company subscribes
  • Continuous improvement through the Quality Management System.
  • Commitment to the achievement of ISO and UNE requirements and the continuous improvement of the R&D+i efficiency system
  • Investment in internal research projects
  • Development of new Research Lines

Greater staff reach, with a dedicated training of staff positions in Quality related issues, achieving increasingly greater levels of implication with the company

The Management of the Company supports and annually reviews the established system, asking staff for its collaboration in order to manage the Objectives. IRIS also fulfills all regulatory requirements.