IRIS Group at ‘Sonae Corporate Day’ in Lisbon


On 22nd November the ‘EIC pilot Corporate Day with Sonae’ was held in Lisbon. IRIS Group was selected as one of 12 SME Instrument Innovators to pitch our solutions to SONAE and their production partners from the value chain, with the prospect of opening up business opportunities.

Sonae is a multinational corporation managing a wide portfolio of companies, among them SONAE MC the outright leader in Food Retail in Portugal, and heavily committed to quality, sustainability and societal well-being.

As an advanced engineering company who is continually applying our passion and talents to push the limits of technology and extend the boundaries of our thinking and inspire the imagination of our partners and clients, IRIS holds the key enabling technologies that could develop transformation solutions for SONAE.

IRIS pitched a co-creation partnership to Sonae and Partners mapping, on the one hand, our expertise in the development of photonics-based quality inspection devices and systems, with SONAE’s continuous commitment to ensuring food quality and safety along the value chain, and on the other hand, helping SONAE to achieve its process optimisation and digitisation goals, with our digital platforms for smart manufacturing and smartworking applications.

IRIS and SONAE share a common passion for innovation, and following fruitful one on one meetings after the pitching sessions, we hope to initiate a mutually beneficial relationship together with SONAE and a number of their partners.

You can have a look at the post-event note to know more about this great event.