IMPhocus 2019: Photonics Technologies, Image and Nanotechnology


After the great success reached on the last edition of 2017, Grupo Álava held a new IMPhocus 2019, “Photonics Technologies, Image and Nanotechnology Seminar” during the past 4th and 5th June in Madrid.

The main purpose of this seminar was to join the main professionals of these fields in order to share opinions, discuss the current market trends, present technological innovations, create new project opportunities and open the path to technological transference.


Alejandro Rosales, Science and Technology Manager, gave a conference to all the attendees about ‘How Industry 4.0 gets its sixth sense: Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging in the production line’.

We were able to show with practical examples of how our own-developed Photonics-based technologies are revolutionizing quality inspection in production lines. Getting real-time non-destructive analysis, industries are able to make quicker decisions, based on objective data, and therefore standardise their product and digitalise their processes.

We also presented one of the monitoring systems used in the Percal project to create new business opportunities based on monitoring technologies for the chemical industry.

All the attendees were listening concepts such as Industry 4.0, NIR and HSI analysers, IIoT or Digital Transformation throughout the event. The concept of Industry is changing rapidly so manufacturers must take the step towards process digitalisation if they want to remain competitive for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

It has been a pleasure for us sharing with the other experts our industrial experience and vision of the Industry of the future.