HPR-S1: Real-time monitoring of the fat, protein and moisture content of meat products.


IRIS Technology has designed a new generation of products oriented towards efficiency and destinated to environments connected with Industry 4.0 addressed to the meat sector. Thus, the last novelty that we present to the market is HPR-S1, the evolution of VISUM Hypera, its predecessor.

HPR-S1 System


HPR-S1 is an in-line HyperSpectral Imaging (HSI) analyser based on Near Infrared (NIR) technology and developed for real-time meat product quality monitoring. This system provides relevant spatial information extending the use of artificial vision to chemical sight.

It’s a high-precision and designed for harsh industrial environments system ideal for:

  • Continuous and real-time quantification of fat, protein and moisture percentual content, in addition to other chemical or physical quality parameters. 

  • Detection of plastics, cardboard, stones, insects and other foreign bodies detection in the surface. 
  • Detection of bones and cartilage in the surface.

  • Unexpected Anomaly Detection: Early warning in the event of unexpected changes in the product composition during the production process.

The implementation of the HPR-S1 system implies obtaining the following benefits:

  • Product standardisation and quality improvement. A product always the same, recognizable by its customer for greater loyalty.
  • An Increase in quality secure. Fewer complaints from customers to protect the brand image.
  • Reduction of production costs and payback for higher performance. The real-time inspection of critical quality parameters allows the saving of resources and production costs.
  • Analysis in seconds on the production line. The instant inspection allows reducing the laboratory analyses that delay the decision making in the production plant.

If you are thinking about how your business could take advantage of the technological revolution that involves the integration of the HPR-S1 hyperspectral system, IRIS Technology will be pleased to show how we can help you to evolve your production processes. 

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