Emerging active packaging solution for food preservation


In recent years, the major driving forces for innovation in food packaging technology have been the increase in consumer demand for minimally processed foods and stricter requirements regarding consumer health and safety.

As a result of these inputs, a new mode of packaging in which the package, the product, and the environment interact to prolong shelf-life or enhance safety or sensory properties while maintaining the quality of the product, has born: active packaging technologies.

IRIS Technology Solutions is strongly committed to supporting the factories and their value chain in the circular and bio-economy transitions. In that context, IRIS is currently participating in 4 cutting edge projects ECOAT, DAFIAREFUCOAT and AGRIMAX that spread from the valorization of by-products to produce bio-based coatings to the use of bio-actives for improving the functionalities of packaging.

Simona Neri, Edurne Suárez, Elodie Bugnicourt, Laura Rodríguez, Cristina Fernández and Justine Muller, part of the PMO and Science & Engineering department of IRIS Technology, have written a paper published on https://www.foodhubmagazine.com/2020/01/16/emerging-active-packaging-solution-for-food-preservation/ talking about these topics. Hope you enjoy it!