IRIS presents Hypera-One at ENOMAQ 2019. “Turning dark liquids into transparent”


From February 26th to 1st March the main professionals from the wine, oil and beer sectors will meet at ENOMAQ 2019 in Zaragoza, Spain, the 22nd International Show of Winery and Bottling Machinery and Equipment, that counts with more than 1200 business participants.

During the inaugural act the CEO of Rural Development of the Government of Aragon, Joaquín Olona, highlighted the consolidation of the wine industry as “an increasingly important activity in the community and with greater projection abroad”.

Taking advantage of this event and the importance of offering a good product committed to high quality, IRIS Technology Solutions has presented Hypera-One*, a revolutionary device for foreign bodies detection in bottling lines.

Hypera-One is capable of “turning” dark liquids into transparent. This is the definitive solution to inspect in real-time, at a speed of six bottles/second, coloured glass bottles containing liquids such as wine, beer, cava or oil, among others, and detect foreign bodies such as plastics, metals, cardboards, insects… as small as 0,5mm.

This solution is based on a combination of optical principles, created after several years of research and development in the fields of Applied Photonics and materialised by our multidisciplinary team of expert engineers and scientists.

Hypera-One will revolutionize the bottling industry and the quality control as we know nowadays.

If you would like to know more details about Hypera-One, you can have a look at the factsheet


*Patent 19382101

Frosted glass bottle of red wine with an insect inside


Glass bottle of red wine with an insect inside


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